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Let’s talk about the weather….

Summer is almost here, and that means more outdoor activities... in the sun of all places!

I always ask my patients if they wear sunscreen, and the usual response is “Sure, it’s in my make-up.” Or “Yes, if I am going to be in the sun all day.” Then I ask, “Are you wearing it now?” Sometimes I hear, “No, I was just coming to see you.” Or “No, but I usually do.”

Well, here it is… Histologically, our skin remembers every minute of UV sun exposure. Every minute! That’s all the tanning beds, bike rides, romantic walks along the beach, ski trips, car rides etc… Sheesh!

The problem is the UV radiation damages our poor little skin cells DNA (Aww) causing them to quit replicating or to replicate damaged. We see these effects with hyperpigmented areas, wrinkles, skin volume loss, etc…

Well, since I am already the bearer of bad news, here is some more... Altitude increases our skins UV exposure by about 4% for every 1000 ft above sea level. Since we live about a mile above sea level, we get about 20-25% more intense sun rays than someone who lives at sea level.

What can we do about it? WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY…EVERY DAY!

Stay tuned… I am going to discuss the difference between sunscreens and explain what SPF really means.

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