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"I am 57 years old and Pamela has been working with me to keep fullness in my lips for some time. I am primarily interested in reducing the fine lines around my mouth, but it is nice to have the extra volume in my lips. Pamela is using a new technique where she can treat the lips with little to no pain... there is no need for an anesthetic... It is amazing!

I believe this lip treatment enhances the production of natural collagen in and around my lips and the results are long-lasting. This treatment gives me a very natural, youthful lip line and I feel attractive and confident going out into the world." Thanks Pam!

Leslee F.

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It is always such a pleasure visiting Pam at Blair Necessities, who seems to have all the answers to my skincare questions. I would highly recommend her to help you with yours. Micro-needling along with the products she recommends has improved years of sun damage on my face and has given me the confidence to go out with no makeup. My pore size is drastically smaller and I feel more knowledgeable about what I need to do to keep my skin healthy and glowing. Pam is always professional and such a joy to see at my visits. I highly recommend her services if you want great skin and the feeling of friendship, rather than being a patient.


Kassie Kotter

Why I chose Blair Necessities (written by a client)


I have been a health care provider for almost 20 years and have been seeing Pam for my skincare for the last 5 years.  I don’t trust just anyone to inject my face, so I did my research.


First, I have to say, I love nurse practitioners.  Pam not only has vast knowledge of aesthetic techniques, she also has lots of medical training.  This is important to me. She understands pre-existing conditions and the human body, all of which is a consideration before treating someone.  Secondly, she listens and takes her time. I have found this to be one of my favorite things about nurse practitioners and especially Pam.  


I asked people who I thought looked natural and refreshed.  I looked at Pam who has beautiful skin and doesn’t look overdone.  Obviously, she follows her own advice.  


I have learned that well placed product and which product is chosen based on the individual needs of a client, gives better, longer lasting results and is more economical.  I’m not looking for the best deal in town, I am looking for a practitioner that is well trained, thoughtful, and stays up with the latest techniques, products, and new procedures.  All of which I can check the box on for Blair Necessities.   


There are so many other things that went into my decision of having Blair Necessities provide my skincare needs.  The neat, clean, organized office is important to me, especially when I’m getting injections. Skincare is a long game, so I want someone that I feel comfortable with and will keep coming back to.  Pam exceeds all of my expectations and I cannot imagine trusting anyone else to my skincare needs.

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